Still Life

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“Blue Vase & Peaches”
“The Vintage Shoppe”
“After the Storm”
“King Albert’s Pewter Teapot”
“Elsie’s Memory”
“The Marriage of the Pears”
“Three Wise Apples”
“Humble Gatherings”
“Handing Down the Hat Pins”
“Pears from the Garden”
“Country Breakfast”
“Fresh From the Garden”
“Remembering Mama”
“Summer’s Kitchen”
“Tea with Lemon”
“The Tomato Garden”
“Patriotic Tomatoes”
“Flowers of Passion”
“An Apple a Day”
“The Heirloom Copper Pot”
“The Chef Prepares”
“Sonoma Garden”
“Grandma’s Soap Jar”
“Summer Fruit Basket”
“Pomegranates for Breakfast”
“Tea & Conversation”
“Bygone Memories”
“A Day at the Beach”