Latest Works

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“Culinary Masters”
“Evolution of A Woman”
“Divine Intervention”
“Late Summer Stroll”
“Purple Mountain’s Majesty”
“Unforeseen Tryst”
“Alone Not Lonely”
“Last Days of Summer”
“A Charmed Life”: The Dreihaus Estate
“How Love Feels”
“Time Stands Still on Nantucket”
“Ciao Bella”
“Once Wild”
“August Afternoon On Nantucket”
“Fall Symphony”
“Waiting for Life to Begin”
“The Path Home”
“Emma Zorn Revisited”
“King Albert’s Pewter Teapot”
“A Private Moment”
” Moonlight Dancer”
“Lake Forest Estate”
“The Party’s Over”
“The Epiphany”
“Tribute To A Legend”
“Preserving the Legacy of White Lake”
“Southern Belles”
“After the Storm”
“Freedom Bounty”
“King David of Africa”
“A Place I Used to Know”
“Elsie’s Memory”
“Where Dreams Are Made”
“Kashmir Kindness”
“Young Minnie’s Journey to America”